End of the Street

I lie awake at night

Always do on my way down

And I keep asking myself

How can we get out

I watch you trying to keep cool

And make the best of what is left

Feel like a dog with plenty of food

Yearning for quite something else


What’s the matter with you now

What’s the matter with me

What ever happened to our great love

Has it been just a dream

We used to get so exited

Now we both fall asleep

Ain’t no way to deny it

We’re at the end of our street


I eat the food real quick and then

Start praying for new love again

I’m not the kind of dog you take for a walk

I’ll walk alone just let me out


I’ll mark my way where ever I go

Let the rain come down and soak my coat

I’ll be checking the garbage in the streets

See if I can find another dog like me