Fire Inside

It’s getting quiet out here

We don’t dare to explode

We’re such delicate people

Carrying a heavy load


The reason why this thing got started

Is the same why it must stop

Until we find a better way

To deal with what we got


You can move around from town to town

Closing doors behind you

Until wone day you’re all alone

Nobody’s going te find you


The stories you will have to tell

Will say more about the others

It’s that kind of script no one would print

There ain’t no doubt about it


The fire inside will burn us out

So nothing can come between us

How long will it take

Until we’re all burnt down


One more thing I have to say

Before I close another door

Sure whished to keep this one open

But I don’t know how anymore


We don’t agree about the things we need

And about the things we want

It don’t show but there’s something weird

Between us going on