The boy’s in jail

All of his life

He’s in prison

Even when he’s outside


Cell ain’t big enough

They never open the door

Thirty-five people

Sleep on the floor


Strange little beasts

In tropical heat

Crawling around

Wounded feet



Joey Joey

What have you done to yourself?

Losing touch

With life itself


You couldn’t live in a family

Couldn’t live alone

Jail’s the safest place

Feels like coming home


This time it’s different

Meaninglessness survives

At the bottom of the sewer

Lowest of life




What would it take

To regain your heart

And keep the blood circulating

After a brand new start?


Your skin deadly pale

Bones sticking through

Your eyes see betrayal

Your teeth black and few




God only knows why

How long and where to

If we could do something

You know that we would


But where can we take you

Where will you be safe?

When it’s not safe within you

Can’t think of a place