Let You Down

I know I ain’t the first one

For to let you down

Gonna let you down

Let you down


I really whished that this time

It would be the other way around

For I don’t like

To let you down


We’ve been in love and

Full of power

Now the power it has gone

The love is fading by the hour


We both believed

That the magic would be ours

Now we spend our nights

Arguing each other downwards


I can’t find the courage

Or the strength to go on

I just can’t go

On anymore


I’m sorry for you honey

I was hoping we would make it

But we can’t

I know we can’t


Don’t say that you don’t understand

The sad things I’m saying

Don’t try to hold on

To what we haven’t got


When you’re honest to yourself

You must realize that this

Can’t be

What was meant by love