Oxygen and Water

Listen to me baby I know what you have got to say

I know you want to leave me and I never begged noone to stay

You just go ahead and find your playground in the sky

I’m staying right here up on the moutain I climb


You seem to see a sunny way out of misery

And I know sometimes that’s a possibility

So here I stand without a choice and nothing else to do

But to pick up the pieces and forget about you



Oxygen and water is all that I got

It’s all that I need I can see hear and move

Oxygen and water is all that I need

I’ll get my synapses firing I’m not alone I’m free


I’ll be waiting in the backroom I don’t wanna see you go

Putting all your begs and boxes right outside my old frontdoor

The little truck’s engine’s running I wonder who’s behind the wheel

I know I shouldn’t ask I guess it’s part of the deal


But the missing part of the puzzle’s always someone else

But you don’t need to tell me I can see for myself

I’ll be waiting in the backroom with this here old guitar

Looking out the window staring in the dark