Ducks are swimming in the water

In the park we used to go to

August means the end of summer

Another year has shortened time


The smell of grass that’s just been cut

In the park of my childhood

Waking up is such a sad thing

Knowing you have slept too long


Wonder why I am so tired

I can hardly carry my own weight

All my energy’s been wasted

From the start I’ve been too late


Ducks swimming in the water

Seagulls flying in the sky

I still don’t know where I’m going

Guess I’m only passing by


Old man walking by real slowly

Will I ever look like you

Mums and daddies with their babies

You know I still think of you


I can’t sit I must lie down

I can’t walk I got to run

I can’t see the world around me

Blinded by a merciless sun


Life’s a highway I can’t get on

See the others pass so fast

They all got a place they’re going

Expected by somebody else


The smell of grass that’s just been cut

Brings back feelings I forgot

I never got on that highway

I guess there hasn’t changed a lot