Mankind is so unkind

As soon as he feels that he’s got the right

Or is entitled to the room

Other people left behind


Afraid there won’t be enough time

To find what he had in mind

And what he thinks he has deserved

Waiting his entire life


And what would be the very worst

That other people get there first

To the place where all the good’s divided

The goods you need for your survival


Scared that others will obtain

What he has struggled for in vain

And what strikes me time and again

Man can’t stand the smell of man


Mankind’s so unkind


We spend our lives trying to get rid

Of how we smell under our armpits

Let alone the smell of breath

We hate as much as we hate death


To shit and breathe and sweat is private

So no one even realizes

We’re all equal and the same

And out of place is our disdain


There is only one we love to smell

To whom we love to give as well

That’s our true and only lover

But for the rest there is no other


Be happy to love the ones you live with

And give them all that you can give

Enemies are everywhere

You smell them coming right through the air