Freelance Dance

Let me tell you now disco music just ain’t got no soul

The soul’s been sold to the record companies

We got the rhythm in our blood and in our bones

It ain’t got no name and the dance you do is free


Do the freelance dance come give your legs a chance

Let your hands move along

We’re putting back soul into the funky song


Cars are made in factories and so are milk and honey

They’re dirtying the air we breeze and let the music sound like money


Let’s go back to the swamplands to the rivers and the mountains and the valley’s

We’re gonna give you a taste of what we call the down home dirty beat


We got the rhythm up in our bones

We can feel the rhythm in our blood

Freelance music gotta have soul

We just can’t get enough

Of them dark brown bars and dark blue music

Red hot women and a cold black world outside

We know where we’re going and exactly what we’re gonna do

We’re gonna play that old time blues again

With the down home dirty with the down home dirty beat


Put rock and roll into the disco

That’s what we’re gonna do

We’re gonna add a little class

Put a little soul

Add a little rock and roll


We don’t need synthesizers

No computer’s gonna beat our drum

We got an electric boogie with a slide guitar

Let somebody blow that horn


Well it has been done so it can be done

Sure enough we’re gonna do it again

Let the whole world dance to the natural rhythm of this funky Freelance Band


You know the Freelance Band is a friend’s band

And friends are always freelance

You know that’s why it’s the steadiest of them all