J.J. Cale

I heard the news it was yesterday

Your heart’s given up on you

My heart it will never stop

Loving your music till I drop


I know so little about you

But you were my best friend

I can always hear your music

When I’m happy when I’m sad


J.J. Cale can never die

He just left us with a beautiful gift

His songs remain

As a golden survival kit


I remember what happened

When I heard you the first time

Crazy mama they call me the breeze

I was enchanted by a sound so fine


It felt like coming home

The same as when met my wife

I knew that very moment

That I finally did find mine


I want to say hello to Christine

To Jimmy Karstein

And to all the others

That have been there from the start


I want you to know that all this time

From all this distance

I’ve been riding along with you

You’ve been riding along with me


J.J. Cale can never die

J.J. Cale he was the sensitive kind