Johnny Don’t Blow

Took 21 years to get back together

One of us died he couldn’t get better

Now that we’ve turned old and grey

We still got the rhythm that we once played


We got together for we can still do

What we like most and now we want to show you


I’ve been crazy enough to leave it all behind

There was just something that I needed to try

But it never got better than it did before

Playing shuffles and boogies hearing we want more


Playing for hours and we never got tired

Cafe’s and bars until the broad daylight

We believed in the groove we got

The soul inside and the power a lot


Nobody can tell us what we got to play

We’re doing our own thing in exactly our way

Nobody knows how this should be done

But the ones that are doing it they’re the only ones


Johnny boy’s helping us from above

He brought peace in our hearts and he sends you his love

Just wait until you hear us sing harmony


Here’s one for the people down yonder

One for the ones way up above

All we know is that we live in between

Two slices of time that we ain’t never seen


We got a dead man playing in a travelling band

He’s still with us doing all he can

But Johnny don’t blow no more 2x

Johnny don’t blow that thing no more

Johnny don’t blow no more