Night Owl

He’d talk believers out of their religion

Let a country-boy play rhythm and blues

Persuade a vegetarian to a T-bone

And leave the scientists confused


Let’s dance let’s make love

Please don’t talk

Just listen to a night owl in the dark


He’d make the old feel young

And the young ones act mature

Get a fat man to lose weight

And make the scared ones feel secure


Grooving with dr Rhythm

Messing with the magic stick

Crying like a night owl in the dark


Walking to the rhythm

The doctor makes his move

He won’t hesitate a minute

Dr Rhythm’s got the groove


A groove is a non-verbal thing

That’s why it makes you move

The doctor moves his magic stick

To get you in the groove


The sky’s a mosaic

Pink purple and blue

The air don’t move call dr Groove

Beat the war drum blow your whistle