Right Between The Eyes

If you really want to hit somebody

Right between the eyes

Words will do

Better than fists

I ain’t telling no lies


If you want to turn on your woman and give her as much as you can

Mind what I’m saying

Words will do

Better than hands


It may sound easier

Than you ever thought

The good things in life would come

But I promise you darling

That you’re on your way

And there is still plenty and some


Take your time but don’t waste it

There’s gold for you to find

Paradise lies way up ahead

Up front it’s not behind


When you look at the world it seems as if

There is no way out of misery

There is absolutely no way out

Out of the mess we’re in


And I guess that’s true

So what can we do

Rejoice the love we have

And celebrate the way we are

As long as we can