Shake Well

There’s a red form coming after the blue form

That slipped into my mailbox the other day

Gave me one week time to settle to arrange a way to pay

For the bills sent by my lawyer

Who was supposed to help me out

Of the hands of my accountant

Against whom was raised some serious doubt

It all must have slipped my attention

I guess I’ve looked the other way

As I’m working for the funky dollar

Getting ripped off every day


Well I’m ripped off by the government

Robbed by the company

I’m swindled by my booking agent

Stripped naked by accountancy

I ain’t stealing from nobody

I ain’t never violent

I don’t use no trick or treason

But look at the mess I’m in

Yeah I’m caught in the act of having had

Too much fun last night

I’m convicted of a serious crime

Too much party time


Shake well before you use me

Shake well and twist that bottom

Shake well before you use me

Shake well and twist that bottom

Everbody just got to give a little take a little

Nobody knows what he’s gonna get

So we give a little more take a little less

Until there ain’t a darn thing left


There’s a green form that goes with the yellow

That automatically follows

When you didn’t ask for no form at all

But you definitely need the pink one in order to get back

What was taken in advance you’re gonna have to call

In case you die in the meantime go on a holiday

Change partners or buy a dog

There’s nothing we can do for you here Sir

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do at all