The Good Work

  • Keeping up the good work every day
    From the early morning till the end of the day
  • And in the evening I go out again
    To travel the land as a guitar man


  • I look at the world from a different angle
    It’s such an amazing place I remember
    Not having the slightest idea what to do
    The biggest surprise was when I met you


  • Let this song be a picture
    To help me remember
    When hard times have come
    And we’ll have to surrender
    We’ll just make the most
    Out of every day we get
    And treat them like treasures
    And never forget


  • Life can be cruel it’s easy to see
    But it’s beautiful for you and me
    We do what we want and we do what we like
    There’s room enough and we don’t need to hide


  • We don’t argue because we agree
    We got love peace and harmony
    We don’t fight we prefer to make love
    It’s still getting better and we can’t get enough