Wild Love

I’m gonna keep on talking

Until you say come over here

And hug me like you did before

I’m gonna keep on sleeping

Till you wake me up and say dear

Love me for that’s what’s loving’s for

I’m gonna go walking till you do

Don’t say you will

For I ain’t coming back here nomore

I’m gonna be weeping but I won’t sit still

I’m gonna get up for sure


The love we found it was good enough

But things don’t stay the same

Somehow we keep on waking up

From dreams that just slip away

And I’m not talking about

Motherly love fatherly love

Brotherly sisterly or heavenly love

That’s not the kind that I’m thinking of

I’m talking about wild love


Every time the moon is shining through my window

I can’t help but think it shines for me

When I hear some wild bird singing

I think I know exactly what she means

Now I do love you as much as I could love somebody

But I can’t understand the moves you make

For I don’t see the good side of your loving

When all you do is moving away