Invisible Game

I guess I must be getting old

I can’t follow what’s going on

Man’s so smart how come we can’t

Find ways to get along


Secret games of power

Played behind sacred walls

Don’t count on anybody

To catch you when you fall


You can only play the invisible game

When you’re ready to accept one thing

There is nothing to know or find

And absolutely nothing to believe in


Playing the invisible game you’ll find

The ones that you are playing with

Will play against you the very next time

And that’s the time they will do you in


We can never save

The ones that are craving to die

Believing there’s a better life

In the sweet by and by


We don’t know who the enemy is

Let alone what he wants

Everybody needs somebody to hate

Even more than someone to love



Invisible game, invisible game

There’s an invisible game going on

Nobody knows the rules

It’s a little game, it’s a little game

Some got something to sell

Some got nothing to lose