Old and Ugly

Ain’t where it’s at

But I’m looking forward

To the reward in the end


When death smiles in the mirror

Or from a clear blue sky

Reflecting in the water

When death smiles


Having a good time at home

Wish that it could last

But we’re all slowly moving

In fact we’re moving mighty fast


On and on and on we go

It’s hard to make plans when you don’t know

Your budget and how long you got

To realize your goals


I’m old enough to change my ways

And stop living in a lie

It isn’t hard it’s easy now

With you in my life


Every morning when I wake

I wonder how I will survive

Another day with all my fears

That appear in my dreams at night

I take a shower long and hot

And then I turn to cold

And suddenly I know exactly what

And where I want to go


Take my body back when it stops doing

What it’s supposed to do

Talking about loving you