Ready For Take Off

Death don’t hesitate

Please come and do your job

Don’t let this woman suffer

More than she’s already done


Death don’t make us wait

Let the struggle please be over

We’re not in peace but have accepted

This is all we got


One evening some time ago

I sort of begged you to take her with you

You didn’t come then and let her be

Please come and do it now


Slowly slowly very slowly

Weaker every day

That’s how death has figured

To finally take you away


I can’t believe my eyes

I can’t believe my heart

To my relief and to my surprise

She didn’t wake up this morning


She’s still breathing

Her mouth dried out

But as far as I can see

She isn’t thirsty anymore


Lordy lord let it be

She’s ready for take off

On her trip to eternity

I hope she won’t be back nomore


It wasn’t enough when this started

She didn’t know why but she wanted some more

But now that all her power’s gone

She is ready to go