Something Wrong and Yet Something’s Right

I made up my mother’s dying bed

Made up her bed for the last time

My mama she’s gonna die

There’s nothing we can do


Something wrong and yet something’s right

You can lie down and rest you’ve done your time

You’ve suffered enough

It’ll be allright


The doctor promised to make it easy

You won’t need to feel any pain

What comes after can’t be worse

Than all your suffering


I cry for you when I realise

How you’ve struggled most all of your life

And now that the last part of the struggle has come

I cry because your time is done


You might say this cancer’s your friend

For it is bound to make an end

To all your suffering

But that’s not the way it is


Now that they tell you the end is near

You want to stay a bit more here

To enjoy being part of a family

That you love and by which you’re loved indeed


And there is love in the room

So much love it makes us cry because it’s almost over

In the meantime whishing

It will soon be done